You have reached this page if you have purchased the download version of War! Age of Imperialism and received your Activation Number in the email.

Please download the appropriate installer and follow the installation instructions. You will be asked for the Activation Number the first time you run the game. An internet connection is required to validate your Activation Number, so you will need to be online when activating the game.

If you have any problems, please visit our support page.

Thank you for purchase and enjoy the game!


war-aoi-1-3.dmg (16.9M)

  1. Verify downloaded file ends with ".dmg" and not ".bin" - change if incorrect
  2. Double click war-aoi-1-3.dmg (unpacks installer)
  3. Double click war-aoi-1-3.pkg to install.
  4. Note: Requires MacOS 10.2.6 (or higher)
    MacOS 10.2 needs the Java 1.4.1 update
    MacOS 10.3 already has Java 1.4.1

war-aoi-1-3.exe (29.2M)

  1. Double click war-aoi-1-3.exe to install.
Linux (x86)

war-aoi-1-3.bin.gz (46.4M)

  1. gunzip war-aoi-1-3.bin.gz
  2. verify war-aoi-1-3.bin has execute permission (chmod 755 war-aoi-1-3.bin)
  3. ./war-aoi-1-3.bin to install