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J. Douglas Donohoe


Winnetka, IL ● ddresume (at)


Accomplished, visionary software developer with 20 years of startup and  Fortune 500 business experience in high tech, financial, enterprise software and entertainment software.

Experience and Skills

Experienced in designing and delivering high-quality, enterprise class internet software applications.

  1. Over 20 years of experience designing and implementing complex enterprise software projects and applications.
  2. As Vice President Engineering at Firm58, successfully revamped broken development environment in under three months.
  3. Chief Architect of Blue Martini Software’s award-winning eCRM application suite which generated over $67 million in license revenue and $65 million in service revenue during my tenure.
  4. Chief Architect of Netscape’s CommerceXpert internet selling and procurement application suite with annual sales of $35 million during my tenure.


  1. Produced the top selling entertainment software title in 2004-2005:  DD Tournament Poker. 160,000+ copies sold.
  2. Formed Donohoe Digital LLC to develop computer games for PC and Mac.  Profitable in 2nd year of operation.
  3. Successfully negotiated lucrative publishing deals, a feat accomplished by relatively few independent game developers.

Broad business experience.

  1. Created and chaired multi-disciplinary committee focused on ensuring customer success.  Participating customers had significantly fewer escalations and quicker implementation times.
  2. Designed company intellectual property guidelines.  Managed patent application process (2 patents, 4 provisionals).
  3. Member of the merger and acquisition team, responsible for evaluation and technical due diligence of candidate companies.
  4. Member of executive corporate strategy council focused on defining company plans and strategic moves.

Track record of productivity improvements, team building, successful management and delivering customer success.

  1. Experienced in building from scratch, leading, motivating and retaining engineering, release and documentation teams.
  2. Direct manager of teams as large as 20 people in engineering, documentation, release, support and quality assurance.
  3. Architectural leader of engineering, release and quality teams as large as 40 people.  Provided technical instruction and mentoring to pre-sales and consulting teams of over 100 people.
  4. Consistently establish loyal team relationships, resulting in multiple repeat hires of top talent.
  5. Pioneer of rapid, quality software development leading to on-time delivery of 4 major product releases in 2 years.

Frequent innovator.

  1. Built a high frequency trading system from scratch capable of recording billions of messages and low-latency ordering.
  2. Created DD Poker, the first peer to peer online poker software for play over a LAN and the internet.
  3. Awarded US patents #6,175,864 and #6,401,092 for innovative software architecture concepts (at Netscape).
  4. Several patent applications based on work at Blue Martini.
  5. Created the first Model-View-Controller (MVC) internet application framework at Netscape in 1997.
  6. Created one of the first C++ internet application servers at Netscape in 1997.
  7. Built one of the first enterprise applications based on Java and J2EE at Blue Martini in 1998.

Strong software development experience, with deep and current technical expertise.

  1. Expert in designing flexible, data-driven, internationalized, fault-tolerant, multi-tier, scalable internet application architectures which support browser-based, full GUI (graphical user interface) and command-line interfaces.
  2. Functional expertise:  High frequency trading (including FIX), eCommerce, Poker.
  3. Designer of software that meets company-wide design requirements (i.e., not only product management, but also sales, consulting services, release engineering, technical support and quality assurance).
  4. Open-source software contribution (wicketstuff-annotation and wicket bug fixes).
  5. Language/Frameworks:  Java 6, Groovy, JRuby, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, Wicket, Maven, Swing, AJAX, Perl, Ruby, Tomcat, XML, Objective C, C++.
  6. Tools/OS: JProfiler, Install4j, Oracle/MySQL, IntelliJ, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Subversion, CVS, Jira, Confluence, FishEye, Crucible,TeamCity, Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS), Windows, iPhone OS

1990 B.S. (summa cum laude) in Computer Science from Denison University, Granville, Ohio.  Graduated 3 rd in the class.

Married.  Interests include snowboarding, running, travel, digital video and photography, flying (licensed private pilot).

Professional History

Firm58.  Chicago, IL        5/2010 – Present

Vice President of Engineering of ten-person team in a small SAAS (software-as-a-service) financial industry startup. Revitalized a struggling development team:   Introduced modern developer tools such as IntelliJ, Subversion, Confluence (wiki), Crucible (code-review), Maven (builds) and TeamCity (build automation); emphasized test driven development; and instituted agile and rapid development practices.  Drove implementation of architectural features and company processes to quickly diagnose and resolve production client issues.  Very hands-on, working on development environment tools and processes, technical architecture, and software best practices.

Orba Nova LLC.  Minnetonka, Minnesota        10/2008 – 4/2010

Principal Engineer at a private hedge fund investing exclusively via its proprietary high frequency software.   Joined as employee #1, reporting to the founder/owner.   Starting from a blank slate, instituted a modern test-driven development process using a wiki for documentation, tools such as subversion and IntelliJ and liberal use of open-source frameworks/tools such as Ubuntu, Groovy, JRuby, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, EasyMock and JFreeChart.  Built every major piece of the production system:  a market-data recorder capable of efficiently recording over a billion messages a day (e.g., bid/ask quotes and trade ticks) from 14 data feeds;  a complete order management system capable of executing thousands of orders a day with millisecond timing;  algorithm development framework capable of replaying any day from the market;  a graphing tool for visualizing market data, performance data and order data;  and automated processes for all repetitive or manual tasks (e.g., backup, data transfer and data transformation).

Ingenix.  Eden Prairie, Minnesota        10/2006 – 12/2007

Sr. Director of Engineering of team responsible for 20+ applications used by the Anti-Fraud and Recovery Services division of Ingenix (an $87 million business).  Managed analyst, development, quality assurance, and support team comprised of 35+ onshore and offshore staff.  Successfully innovations:  application portfolio management practices; wiki for company-wide communication; and instituted an agile development process.

Donohoe Digital LLC ( Castle Rock, Colorado        Full Time 9/2001 – 10/2006, Ongoing Part Time

President & Founder.  Profitable computer game developer - specializing in computer versions of poker and strategy games.  1 st game, War! Age of Imperialism, was awarded a Bronze Medal in the 2003 Readers Choice Awards by and was a finalist in the 2005 Independent Games Festival.  2 nd game, DD Tournament Poker was first-to-market for no-limit hold 'em tournament poker software, selling over 160,000 copies (to lead the market). Received Editor’s Choice awards from PC Magazine and and an Excellent rating from PC Gamer.

Blue Martini Software.  San Mateo, California        11/1998 – 9/2001

Vice President of Technology and Chief Architect.  Joined Blue Martini as employee #12.  Architected Blue Martini’s world-class enterprise software architecture from the ground up.  Recruited the engineering, release and documentation teams.  Coded significant portions of the core infrastructure.  Successfully managed Blue Martini’s first three major product releases, resulting in revenues after three years of over $132 million.  Formed R&D unit, created intellectual property policies, managed patent applications and contributed as key member of corporate strategy and business development teams (including mergers and acquisitions).

Netscape Communications Corporation.  Mountain View, California        11/1996 – 10/1998

Chief Architect for Netscape’s CommerceXpert suite of internet commerce products.  Designed and coded multi-tier architecture for rapidly building scalable, internationalized, customizable web-based enterprise applications.  Senior development manager of 15 people across three teams:  architecture, application administration and build/release. Successfully delivered five major product releases that generated $35 million in annual revenue.  

Emerge Consulting, Inc.  Palo Alto, California        1/1996 – 10/1996

Chief Technology Officer of startup focused on internet commerce and internet business consulting.  Researched and developed expertise in electronic commerce issues such as security, payment methods and advertising.  Interviewed for electronic commerce articles appearing in The Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal Constitution and Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Andersen Consulting LLP (now known as Accenture).  Palo Alto, California        9/1990 – 1/1996

Technical Manager.  Various professional enterprise software consulting engagements.  At Netscape, created Sales Leads Tracking System that improved efficiency 20% to 25%, resulting in an increase in revenue of $1 million in the first month alone.  Also created Netscape General Store (one of the very first on-line stores, generating 1000’s of orders a day and over a $1 million a month in revenue).  Other U.S. and international engagements:  DFS (five-year strategy), Elis (textile company in Paris, France), Sun Microsystems, AT&T (in New Jersey and Germany), Halliburton and Elektronische Borse Schweiz (electronic stock exchange in Zurich, Switzerland).